Handing Down Delicious Traditions

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As I previously mentioned, I was born into a family of bad cooks.  My mother’s signature dish was ham casserole:  ground ham topped with mashed potatoes from a box (do they still make these?) topped with a can of Hunt’s tomato sauce.  My maternal grandmother (Grandma Alice) had a rather horrible way of making spaghetti and meatballs:  A jar of purchased tomato sauce with cut up hotdogs to make it meat sauce.  I will give them both credit for one signature really good dish.  My mother makes the best macaroni and cheese and Grandma Alice made a wonderful apple pie complete with a homemade crust!  We will talk about those another time.

I was lucky to marry into a family with a grandma (Grandma Celia) who was a really amazing old-fashioned Italian cook with lots of amazing traditional Neopolitan dishes in her repertoire.  Like most of her peers, Grandma Celia…

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Sweet Tooth Tuesdays – PBJ Cookies

Here’s my little spin to the traditional thumbprint cookies. instead of it just being a regular cookie with some jam, I decided, why not make it taste like PB&J!

I used gluten-free flour for this recipe. Gluten free flour actually tastes more like toast than regular flour, which was pretty much the only reason I decided to use it over regular white flour. Gluten free flour is also higher in protein, making these cookies healthier and more filling.

Foodie Fridays: Green Onion Pancakes

I grew up going to dim sum with my parents/family on a regular basis. My ABSOLUTE favourite thing to order were these green onion (scallion) pancakes (葱油饼) . They typically come in two different styles, a savoury flatbread type or a thin pancake type. I prefered the thin pancake type, they were more chewy and flavourful than the flatbread style, which were typically greasier and more bread-like. 

As usual, I used gluten free alternatives, the regular alternatives are there as well. This recipe is already vegan friendly!

This recipe yields about 3 large pancakes.


Sweet Tooth Tuesdays – Zucchini Carrot Bars

As a continuation of my healthy kick, I decided to add on Sweet Tooth Tuesdays, this is where I post up my recipe of my dessert of the week. The last two vegan, gluten-free desserts I made were all eaten within 2 days, so they typically don’t make it past the Tuesday.

For my first week’s post, I’m doing a zucchini carrot cake inspired bar. This is made with gluten free and vegan alternatives: apple sauce is used instead of eggs, rice milk instead of milk, and coconut and brown rice flour instead of regular flour. I’ll put up the gluten, non vegan alternatives beside the replacements as well.

Foodie Fridays: Not’yo Average Taters

I’ve been going through a healthy alternatives kick lately, and I was craving potato tater tots like there was no tomorrow. Having cut out fried foods as much as possible and trying to stay away from processed foods, I decided to try and make a healthier alternative!

This recipe is gluten-free and vegan. I made nacho cheese flavoured tots. This was my first time trying nutritional yeast. Oh my God, if you’re a fan of nuttier and stronger cheeses, this is a fantastic replacement. It’s high in B12 and thiamine.