Nifty Sleeping Bags

Are you stuck using a boring old school sleeping bag?

Do you want to make your  friends jealous on your next camping trip or sleepover?

Why not try out one of these!

Have you ever wanted to celebrate Shark week in style?Well, look no further!

C’mon, we’ve all pretended we were bears when we were kinds and wanted to scare the S**T out of people.We all still have a kid inside of us, and for this bear, it might just be true.

Too bad it’s not on sale =(

So who likes stuffed crust pizza?

What about a pizza with you in the dough?

I mean, we’ve all had dreams of food eating us….or is it just me?

Oh…and did I forget to mention, the vegetables are pillows!

For all you star war fans, have you ever wanted to be like Luke Skywalker?Why not try out the Tauntaun Sleeping bag!


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