Virginia Tech University

So I’m really confused right now, why are old videos like the Zach Wahls video of him speaking about family, or Joshua Bell playing in a D.C. metro station, appearing on my newsfeed on a regular basis. 

Why are videos that are a year old (Zach Wahls) or even 3-4 years (Joshua Bell) getting so much attention now?

People need to read the newspaper, they need to catch up on current events.


Today, Virginia Tech University had it’s first shooting since the massacre on April 16, 2007.

During the massacre of 2007, 32 students were brutally murdered, and the shooter shot himself, totally 33 deaths.

A police officer was shot today while he was doing his job. and a second person was found dead (thought to be the shooter)

(More information here)

Why are we not posting about situations like this on Facebook?

Are murders not as important as social issues, especially issues from what our society now would consider “old news” ?


Why not change your status to remember fallen police officer, Deriek W. Crouse, a 39-year-old Army veteran and married father of five, who died today.


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