All Things Bacon

Do you love bacon?

So do the guys that made these:

My First Bacon

Do you really want a stuffed bear after seeing this?

Bacon Soap

Are you a guy, using scents like Pacific Rush, Glacier, Ocean Surf…. why not use something that will really make you smell like a man

Bacon Soap

Well, there’s already bubblegum floss…so why not bacon floss.

Bacon Air Freshener

Tired of your car smelling like pine?

Here’s your solution!

Bacon Mints

Does your breath smell like mint? Let’s fix that

Bacon Beans Jellybeans

What’s tutti-frutti anyway?

Bacon Lollipops

Cherry, Lemon, Grape…Bacon?

Bacon Beans Jellybeans

What’s tutti-frutti anyway?


Making a BLT? Why settle for:

when you can use:

twice the bacon, twice the goodness.

Bacon Frosting

Can you say the perfect dessert?

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