Month: April 2014

Social Media: Addicted to Selfies?

Have I ever taken a selfie? Yes.

Have I ever taken a selfie and posted it on social media? Yes. 

Do I post them in hopes that people will like it/comment? Absolutely!

Like most people in the 21st century right now, I am addicted to social media, and have jumped on the selfie bandwagon.



Notable (Canadian) LGBT 2

With World Pride set in Toronto this year, why not look at some of the notable Canadian LGBT members.

George Smitherman


Age: 50 (February 12, 1964 – )

Occupation: Politician (Canadian Liberal Party) and Broadcaster

Most Known for: Mayoral Candidate during the 2010 Toronto municipal election. First openly gay member of Provincial Parliament (MPP) and first openly gay cabinet minister.

Jay Manuel


Age: 41 (August 14, 1972 – )

Occupation: Make-up artist, TV personality and clothing designer.

Most Known for: Host and Judge on “America’s Next Top Model”. Host/Executive producer of “Canada’s Next Top Model”.


Christian Persecution

So I was on Pinterest…. being Pinteresting, and came upon the photo above.

Are you freaking kidding me?!

  1. I didn’t know Christianity was banned in 53 countries
  2. I didn’t know they were the most persecuted people around the world
  3. Has residual effects of colonialism really skewed our perception of religious freedom that much, even to this day?