Fundraiser – Pulled Pork (April 10)

Hey everyone,

So below is the finalized list for the pulled pork, along with your time slot, how many sandwiches you have and how much you owe me!

Find your time, and the list is alphabetical, so that will make it easier to find your name!

Here is the finalized list: April 10 – Pulled Pork Official List

Now, to announce the charity that will be receiving 40% of the profits…. drum roll please….

The Sexual Assault Support Centre of Waterloo Region


The Sexual Assault Support Centre of Waterloo Region is a community based, social profit organization. We provide services and support to people and their families who have experienced sexual violence.

If you’re interested in helping them out, you can do it here.

How is your money going to be helping?

What does $5 provide?

Covers the cost of one call to our 24/7 crisis line. Our specially-trained crisis line volunteers offer comfort, support and information. A gift of $165 covers the crisis line for a whole week.

What does $40 provide?

Pays for 1 hour of counselling. Our dedicated counsellors focus on the specific needs of each individual, for as long as they need us. Your gift of 1 hour’s time can transform a person’s life.

What does $166 provide?

Pays for our Urgent Assistance program for 1 month. We offer bus tickets, child care subsidies, companionship on police and hospital visits, grocery store cards and other practical items for clients.

I am projected to be donating $166 to SASCWR this time around.

What does $480 provide?

Transforms a life. This is the average cost to support one survivor through their journey with us. From the crisis line, through counselling and anything else they need.


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