Notable (Canadian) LGBT 2

With World Pride set in Toronto this year, why not look at some of the notable Canadian LGBT members.

George Smitherman


Age: 50 (February 12, 1964 – )

Occupation: Politician (Canadian Liberal Party) and Broadcaster

Most Known for: Mayoral Candidate during the 2010 Toronto municipal election. First openly gay member of Provincial Parliament (MPP) and first openly gay cabinet minister.

Jay Manuel


Age: 41 (August 14, 1972 – )

Occupation: Make-up artist, TV personality and clothing designer.

Most Known for: Host and Judge on “America’s Next Top Model”. Host/Executive producer of “Canada’s Next Top Model”.


Kathleen Wynne


Age: 60 (May 21, 1953 – )

Occupation: Ontario Politician (Canadian Liberal Party)

Most Known for:  Current Premier of Ontario. Current Ontario Minister of Agriculture.

KD Lang


Age: 52 (November 21, 1962 – )

Occupation: Pop and Country singer

Most Known for: CanadaHall of Fame  inductee. Grammy winner. Juno Winner. Sang “Hallejuah” at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics.

Rick Mercer

Rick Mercer

Age: 44 (November 21, 1962 – )

Occupation: Comedian, TV personality, Political Satirist and Author

Most Known for: Personality on “This Hour has 22 Minutes”. “The Rick Mercer Report”. Won 25 Gemini Awards. Made video for the It Gets Better project.

Tegan and Sara


Age: 33 (September 19, 1980 – )

Occupation: Musicians and Songwriters

Most Known for: Indie rock duo. Songs have been featured in films and TV shows. Juno Award Winner. “Closer”.

Trevor Boris


Age: 35 (September 10, 1978- )

Occupation: Comedian, Writer and Producer

Most Known for: Star on MuchMusic’s “Video on Trial”. Producer for “Big Brother Canada” and “Canada’s Got Talent”.

I always knew I was gay. I always knew that somehow it would work out.

-Rick Mercer

Click here for part 1.

Who’s your LGBT role model?


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