Month: May 2014

Day 25 may 26

So today is our last day in São Paulo with our contacts!
Mike decided that he would be staying in São Paulo rather than going to debrief. This was definitely a tough thing for me to hear, but it is the best decision for him, so I understand and respect it. You can’t take care of other people if you can’t take care of yourself first.
The team went out to work at the orphanage run by Missao Cena, I went with Henre to the bank and printing shop to get the last minute details on ubatuba figured out. Vans from São Paulo to Ubatuba cost over R$800 (~$400 USD), so we are going to have to take a bus to debrief and a bus back to the airport – unless we can find a van.
I don’t really know how I’m feeling today, I’m so torn because I feel like I’ve said bye to people so many times, and I’m still eating b


Day 24 may 25

Got up really early! Going to Pico de Jaraguar today to work with the guarani people!
we got there at 10, and helped them break up concrete to help them build a garden. The garden being built is to help bring the indigenous traditions back to the people, and to help the kids in the community. The garden will provide something for the kids to do that isn’t drugs.
We got back to the base at around 5, and Vasco met up with us at Pico de Jaraguar. It was really nice to get to see him one last time before we left.
Mike talked to us the day before about how he was planning to stay in São Paulo, rather than come with us to Ubatuba. Kim and I both felt really low about this issue, we both love our entire team so much, but we understood that logically it made sense for Mike to not have to do a debrief as he wouldn’t be coming back with us to Canada.
Our team was pretty understanding when he brought up that he was considering not going to debrief.
Yesterday was the first time that I prayed for something in a very very long time – I prayed that Mike would have safe travels, regardless of what his decision was; that he would be happy with his decision; that we would still be able to see him at the airport.

Day 17 May 18

Slept all day
Wasn’t feeling well at all
Today was Vitor’s birthday party, it was tons of fun.
I slept the entire day though, missed dinner, and didn’t wake up until almost midnight, then went back to sleep by 2 am.

Day 18 May 19

I just hung out at the base all day, read and played some games on my iPad. No work needed to be done today. The girls went into the city in the morning to get some shopping done.
Kim did her life story that night.
Nothing really exciting happened today.

Day 19 may 20

Morning cleaned the entire base. The wall was done a lot more.
Slept in the afternoon
Mike, Kim and Sydney went to church in São Paulo
Leah, Deanna and I helped Alcione move bricks. It was nice getting to help Alcione today. She gives so much to us, so I felt like I was giving something back to her. We plowed through the pile of bricks and moved them all. Gustavo’s probably a genius and used a wheel barrel… I got a small nick, but because it was on my calf, it kept bleeding every time I moved- which was the entire time I was moving bricks. Alcione freaked out thinking I had a huge cut, so I had to clean it to show her it was a small little nick.
I feel like I learned a crap ton of Portuguese so that I can actually have conversations with Alcione. I’m really happy that we can have small talk now. She’s going away tomorrow, hopefully we won’t be heading to São Paulo yet – never thought I would say that.
Alcione made us dinner, and we just hung out with her after dinner for a little bit. Leah, Deanna and I had a really good chat today; just talked about everything and anything. Saul and Kristina were hanging out in the living room, she was helping him with his homework for his English class.
Today was an amazing day, I felt like I just had a ton of fun today, even if we did absolutely nothing.