GYVN Trip Journal Day 1 (May 2)

After a 2 hour flight, 1 hour layover and a 10 hour flight, we finally arrived in São Paulo!

Prior to our flights, we spent 3 days at Global Orientation Camp to learn how to: prepare ourselves for the potential culture culture shock; de-orient ourselves from our tourist mentality; and continue to sustain what we learn on these trips even after we return. My team and I were also able to spend a great deal of time together – preparing ourselves to live and work alongside one another for the 29 days in Brazil.

As a leader, my biggest concern is that something happens to a member on my team.

Incident #1 When we arrived in country, we were one check-in bag short; Kristina’s bag was not on our plane.

Drove from São Paulo to Francisco Morato with Victor – he’s 19, studying to be an electrical engineer, and wants to travel to UK, Germany, Canada or Japan for a year. He taught me a lot of Portuguese words – I now know how to point out cars and what colour they are!
Thiago is amazing, he’s taking us into the city to shop and exchange money. We ended up staying in the city and commuting for over 4.5 hours, and not once did he complain. He says that he is there to serve us, but that is definitely not the case. Members of my team have voiced that they feel bad and do not want want him to feel that way, which makes me very happy.

The team has started to bond a great deal more, but everyone is exhausted after a long day of commuting.


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