Day 8 may 9

This morning is down time, we have a long day ahead of us. Today’s plan is to head into São Paulo to show people that love still exists even in big cities.
Not much happened this morning, the second part of the second DTS Argentina team arrived.
Kristina, Kim and Sydney are just hanging out playing guitar and just goofing around.
Mike and I found out that the three guys sharing the room with us snore; that’ll be exciting in itself. Poor mike. (Spoiler: He’s going to end up sleeping on the couch)
So today was a stressful day, it’s hard to put into words the emotions that I was feeling. As a co-lead with Kim, it was pretty obvious seeing that we were both frustrated about the same thing- that we couldn’t do anything and that we both felt useless and helpless. Today was our São Paulo day, we initially thought it was not going to be religious at all. It really caught me off guard when we got on the train, the DTS and YWAM contacts started doing bible readings out loud individually or singing Christian songs. I, along with a few members of the team, felt very out of place – as I am Buddhist and the others are atheist. I felt that it was very similar to someone on the TTC being loud, or doing things that were not appropriate for the time and place. If this was in Toronto, and someone was reading a book out loud to themselves, I would ask them to stop; or if their music was too loud, I would ask them to turn it down. The one thing that upset me the most was the amount of videos and photos being taken of our group on the subway; since I’m Buddhist, it made me feel that because I’m in the photos and videos, people will “lump” (for lack of better words) me with the Christian group.
When we got into São Paulo centre, I fell in love with the architecture. The first thing I saw when we got out of the station was The Church of Se – it was Roman Catholic style cathedral, statues of saints were adorning the front of the building. The buildings we saw in the centre were very French in nature, it reminded me of the photos of the buildings in New Orleans. While we were in the centre, a group of Christian Koreans, from Toronto, were there; it was pretty cool to see another team of Canadians, especially a team from Toronto. We did a prayer circle with them.
Henri took Mike, Leah, Kristina and I to try and exchange money (they were closed) and to help Mike buy spray paint. It was nice to walk around and see the city, it’s so beautiful and I cannot wait to do that with the full team. While Mike was shopping for spray paint, they actually let him go behind the counter and pick out the colours; he ended up spending over $550 on paint. In the little shopping mall area that we were in, we saw tons of hairdressing places – tons of people were getting weaves.
After we got back to the rest of the group, it was just about time to head back, but we ended up getting food first. Leah and Kristina both got a cheeseburger, it looked delicious, but I was not feeling that great and did not end up trying it.
We got back to the base, and everyone on our team was so exhausted. We did a thank you circle and everyone headed off to bed, or down time. Kim and I had a meeting after to figure out the best way to make sure our team is still a team and that they remember it. As a leader, it stresses me out to see the divide between the team and have to feel like the middle person between two teams of 3 people.


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