Day 10 may 11

Feliz Dias das maes! (Happy Mother’s Day!)
Today is an early morning, we’re heading to the rainforest at pico de jaragua. We took a coach bus there, it was fun, I journaled and napped.
When we got there, the indigenous chief invited us into a longhouse type building, he explained some of his culture and his peoples to us. He sang some songs and did a prayer for us. It was honestly a really good visit because I think now the DTS team kind of understands how part of our team felt in São Paulo – very out of place. I’m not saying that it’s fair that they had to feel that way, but it’s nice for them to experience it first hand to better understand.
After the chief said a prayer for our team and the DTS teams, we got to spend some time buying some jewelry and handmade crafts. We then got to go hiking up the peak. At the bottom it said it would take 2.5hours, we all did it in under 2hours. Leah potentially died… And came back to life…. And died…. And came back to life; it was a really difficult climb up, but I am so proud of everyone on our team made it to the top. I am happy that I made it to the top of 2 peaks, the view of brazil is beautiful. When we finished climbing up the first portion of the peak… We saw a road – turns out, you can drive up to the top. (I was clearly and evidentially not impressed when I found out.)
The second portion of the peak, there was a place that sold churrasco (Brazilian BBQ), so I bought two sticks, then proceed to sprint up the second portion. People thought it was hilarious when I sprinted past them holding two sticks of meat. It was honestly so fun running up and seeing the view. I have two photos that I am so proud of.
When we were walking down, we walked down the road, and it was fun walking with Leah, Sydney, Kim. We had the stupidest conversations and funniest situations arose.
When we got back to the base, it was a little rough, we had to have a pretty serious team meeting. It was the first time I had to be an authoritarian leader, and I really did not enjoy it. Our team understood that we were doing it because it was for the betterment of our team, not because we hated them. It was a rough ending to a really good day.


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