Day 20 may 21

This morning, we found out we were leaving Francisco Morato, and will be heading to São Paulo in the afternoon. After we found out, we saw Alcione and had to tell her that we were leaving that day. Vasco also found out we were leaving as well.
The whole morning was spent packing and cleaning the base, and saying goodbye to some of the most welcoming and hospitable people I have ever met in my life.
Over the span of 20 days, I am proud to say that the people I have met have become part of my life in a very positive way; most of them I now consider family – my second Brazilian family.
The impact that they have had on us and vice versa is astronomical; through unspoken conversations, laughter, smiles and hugs, the bond I created with them transcends words. I know that I will miss the people I have met here as much as the friends I have made in Manaus last year, if not more. Hopefully I will have a chance to stay with the JOCUM Sampa family again in the near future.
When we arrived in São Paulo downtown, we found out we would be staying with Missao Cena – this is an evangelical organization devoted to helping the at risk population in downtown São Paulo. They told us some of the work that we would be doing: working with at risk youth, helping prostitutes get off the streets and helping drug addicts find the road to recovery.
The team went out to talk to the at risk population, Sydney was not feeling well, so I stayed with her and Bianca at the base here. I cannot wait to hear about their experience(s) on the walk.


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