Day 22 may 23

One more day until my birthday!
Today started off pretty good, I got to sleep in! Went with Gabriel to the supermarket to get food for the entire day. To feed 16 people, it only cost R$20 for the entire day, which is about $20 USD – holy crap.
I got to make lunch for everybody today, it was pretty awesome. I still do not really understand how Brazilians like their rice… They like it really mushy, and it weirds me out. I tried to make it rice my way, but Gabriel was not down, he kept adding water to it when I was not looking.
After lunch, I hung out with German Chris for a bit to chat – playing my favourite game: who converts who first. I’m 99% sure it’s going to be a stalemate.
At 2pm, they do a meeting at the base – Fridays they talk about the work they’ve done over the week. I think it’s a pretty awesome thing, they really appreciate all the work that the volunteers do. During this meeting, one of the contacts in missao cena started talking about teaching the bible, he started discussing teaching Christianity. I got called out when he asked how long people have been studying the bible – I said that I was a Buddhist, but he did not believe me. He started discussing that theology schools should focus on teaching the bible, but at the same time, not just the religious aspect, but also about the historical aspect – learning more about the bible. I think what he is trying to explain is similar to catholic schools in canada. He was saying that there are some Christian schools here, but church service is not mandatory (?), but I’m not 100% sure if that is what he is trying to say. I found this meeting kind of tough, I feel that because our team is with a JOCUM team, we are automatically all assumed to be Christians or understand the Bible – that is not the case. I don’t know how my team is going to react to this meeting.
After the meeting, we all hung out a bit, Thiago had some bad news for us – we are not able to go to the prison tomorrow to help out the kids or go to the senior home. This kind of worked out because the team wants to do tourist activities.
At 6:30ish, we went out for a walk, similar to Modesto, but now I understand what Leah was talking about when she was saying she was uncomfortable. I felt like a fish out of water, but at the same time, it was not very difficult for me. I was just very conflicted, I think. I think it is because it’s one of those things that I am not exposed to very often and because it was something of a completely different culture (drug abuse and homeless). While I was there, it was very difficult to see the difference in age gaps, there were some who could not have been older than 12/13, while some appeared to be a lot older.
We got back to the base, and Vasco was here to visit!


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