Day 19 may 20

Morning cleaned the entire base. The wall was done a lot more.
Slept in the afternoon
Mike, Kim and Sydney went to church in São Paulo
Leah, Deanna and I helped Alcione move bricks. It was nice getting to help Alcione today. She gives so much to us, so I felt like I was giving something back to her. We plowed through the pile of bricks and moved them all. Gustavo’s probably a genius and used a wheel barrel… I got a small nick, but because it was on my calf, it kept bleeding every time I moved- which was the entire time I was moving bricks. Alcione freaked out thinking I had a huge cut, so I had to clean it to show her it was a small little nick.
I feel like I learned a crap ton of Portuguese so that I can actually have conversations with Alcione. I’m really happy that we can have small talk now. She’s going away tomorrow, hopefully we won’t be heading to São Paulo yet – never thought I would say that.
Alcione made us dinner, and we just hung out with her after dinner for a little bit. Leah, Deanna and I had a really good chat today; just talked about everything and anything. Saul and Kristina were hanging out in the living room, she was helping him with his homework for his English class.
Today was an amazing day, I felt like I just had a ton of fun today, even if we did absolutely nothing.


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