Day 21 may 22

There are so many mosquitos in São Paulo; buzzing around my ears the entire night – so annoying.
Bianca and Ally have no idea how to cook beans or rice. The rice came out burnt; the beans weren’t cooked even in the slightest- they forgot to soak them before cooking. I can’t wait until I can cook, hopefully I don’t get put on for breakfast – all you have to do is make coffee.
I went with mike out for a walk, we got a little lost, but ended up going back to the base with new hunting knives. We came back and they were having a team meeting discussing our activities for the day. I somehow ended up volunteering with Gabriel and Garrison to go pick up some kids and bring them to the base – to have lunch and play. The one kid I bonded with was also named Gabriel, and he just hung onto me like a monkey for the entire walk back; I just called him macaco the entire time – the Portuguese word for monkey.
Syd, Leah, Deanna and I went to go watch the kids play soccer for a while. We also met German Chris, he’s on the missionary team that works with missario cena. He’s completely fluent in English, but because he learned so many new languages all at once, he gets confused when he’s speaking in English now. He seems really cool, Kristina, Deanna, and I just hung out and chatted with him after Gabriel’s lesson on superheroes and Christianity. We found out he was 19, and super well travelled – kind of jealous. Europe sounds like a great place to live for avid travelers.
After dinner, we had a team meeting on how to make the best of the rest of this trip.


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