Day 23 may 24

Happy birthday to me!
Woke up and Kim and Leah were decorating the hallway with birthday things. Oh boy. Today is going to be an interesting day. They started playing soccer at like 8am, mike and I got kicked out of our room at 9:30ish. That was not pleasant.
We then got to go out and be a tourist – shopping for stuff and sightseeing. I got new plastic spacers, Sydney helped me put them in – ouchies. We went to a market similar to St. Lawrence Market in Toronto. For a foodie, it was an amazing place to go, I found tons of really cool stuff, they had lavender for super cheap – lemon lavender cookies here I come! There was also a store that sold hot sauce – bought my mom a bottles of ghost pepper got sauce, hope she likes it! We also ate lunch in that market at an Arabic restaurant. Oh man, it was delicious! Before we left, mike bought me a chocolate covered, dulce de leite and strawberry thing, oh my goodness. Mike such a sweetie pie, he’s so thoughtful.
The whole day got away from us, being a tourist is very time consuming, there are still a couple of things we all need to buy still, hopefully we can find it in Ubatuba!
We got back to the base, and all of us just hung around, Kim was being super sneaky, going to buy me a cake for my birthday. I got to cook dinner with mike today, we made an Italian meal: pasta, salad, garlic bread. Everyone loved it! That made me super happy. I think I’m the weirdest birthday boy; birthdays aren’t that big of a deal to me, but it is to a lot of people, so for me to make dinner for my friends on my birthday doesn’t bother me.
I was also super high off allergy pills after a while, it’s weird how much allergy pills affect me – I kept dozing in and out. Mike told us his life story, I’m not even sure if I dozed off or not, but my team says I did – whoops.
I think the greatest birthday present today was Kim – she did so many things before the trip to make sure I was going to have an amazing birthday.


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