Day 24 may 25

Got up really early! Going to Pico de Jaraguar today to work with the guarani people!
we got there at 10, and helped them break up concrete to help them build a garden. The garden being built is to help bring the indigenous traditions back to the people, and to help the kids in the community. The garden will provide something for the kids to do that isn’t drugs.
We got back to the base at around 5, and Vasco met up with us at Pico de Jaraguar. It was really nice to get to see him one last time before we left.
Mike talked to us the day before about how he was planning to stay in São Paulo, rather than come with us to Ubatuba. Kim and I both felt really low about this issue, we both love our entire team so much, but we understood that logically it made sense for Mike to not have to do a debrief as he wouldn’t be coming back with us to Canada.
Our team was pretty understanding when he brought up that he was considering not going to debrief.
Yesterday was the first time that I prayed for something in a very very long time – I prayed that Mike would have safe travels, regardless of what his decision was; that he would be happy with his decision; that we would still be able to see him at the airport.


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