Day 12 may 13

Today was a really great day.
Toilet – poo water situation. The guys toilet was completely clogged and overflowing, so we had to empty it so we could install a new one. Chris and Henre were trying their best to unclog it, but poo water kept overflowing out of the bathroom. After they were done, we had to clean the floors, tons of poo water was over the place. A Jobs a job; I hate doing gross things, but I’ll always do it if it needs to be done. It sucks that I stepped in yucky poo water, but now the house is clean and both toilets are working.
Took a nap after lunch. Alcione made rice and beans; man does that lady make great rice. After my nap, we worked on the wall. We did so much, a ton of digging and clearing was done to prep the wall. After the wall was team time.
I lead an activity where we talked about why do we appreciate x, and Kim had us do bracelets as well, tht way whenever we looked at the bracelet, we would remember all the fun and nice stuff that was said about us.
White – Brian
Purple – Kristina
Peach – mike
Yellow – Sydney
Pink – Kim
Blue – Deanna
Green – Leah
It was really touching and heart warming. It’s hard for me to remember what people say about me, but I always remember how people make me feel.
After that meeting I was having a bit of a rough time, since I felt like I wasn’t doing enough as a leader. I ended up having life chats with Kristina, Sydney and Mike for a couple of hours in the night.They reminded me of the type of leader that I was, and told me that I was doing a great job. I love our team for that reason, we are always there to support one another


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