Day 13 may 14

Woke up
Had breakfast
I napped. I really like napping…
We worked on wall, Vasco brought this hole digging contraption, it really helped until a certain depth wen the clay was too compact. We couldn’t get enough weight into it, so people were dangling off it to add some more weight. Solom came while we were trying to build the wall. I met Solom last year in Manaus, so it was really nice to get to see him again. We talked about my Global team from last year, he asked me how everyone was doing; we also talked about Mike’s independent trip. I’m so jealous of all the things he’ll be able to do in Manaus and my contacts from last year he’ll get to see.
There were too many building the wall and not enough tools, so I went to play with the kids/piano.
Couscous cake!!!!
Had lunch. Beef stew with rice/beans.
Made bracelets and chilled on pride rock
Soccer – stretched
Played a brazil vs canada game
Tons of fun
Went for pastels, so good. Ate carne con quejo and carne seco con quejo.
Came back went to church (check email)
Deanna chatted with me for a while before bed.
Breakfast duty in the morning!


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