Day 16 may 17

Leo’s mom invited us over for donuts in the morning, it was tons of fun getting to hang out with his family. Their family is so welcoming and warm; his mom wanted to show us their chicken farm, there were so many baby chicks!
After eating donuts, I ended up sleeping most of the afternoon and did not really do much – I ate way too many donuts.
We went to the veridha cultural, it was nothing like Nuit Blanche from what I saw. I did not end up seeing much as Deanna was not feeling well the entire way there, and while we were there. The team told us that they did not really do much after we left.
I went back early with Deanna and Christiano. Deanna threw up outside of a moving train in a foreign country. Bucket list crossed off. Christiano was surprised when he found out that not everyone was going back, he told me that after 1am, the general population of São Paulo changes drastically – more drunks and thugs are out during this time.
I had thought that Deanna and I would have been safe to take the train and bus back by ourselves. Turns out I was very, very wrong. If it was not for Christiano, I really do not think that we would have made it back to base in one piece – if at all. The train ride back to Francisco Morato, there were 4 fights on the platforms. When we got back to Francisco Morato, the buses were not running – we had to take a taxi, I had no idea where the taxi stop was. So thank goodness we had Christiano.


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