Day 4 may 5

Woke up
A lot of mosquito bites, girls worked out.
The cook came to help cook today, even though it is her rest day. The people here are so generous; so kind; so thoughtful. It is really hard to show her how much we appreciate everything they do for us. They go out of their way to make sure that we are comfortable, they rarely -if at all, let us help.
Reading America gods- I really enjoy it. I find it very relatable to this trip. Waiting for lunch, after lunch. Planning to go into the town and the market
I need to start working out, I really enjoy the coffee and the bread
The view here is beautiful

Being a leader is a great deal more difficult than I thought, sometimes I feel being an intern or just a regular team member would be easier for me. The first couple of days have really made concrete that I want to only do behind the scenes work. I wish there were more things I could do to help Kim, but it’s very difficult for me. I enjoy doing things alone, maybe I can look into doing personal trips with global(?).

Henre took us to the supermarket today, we bought snacks.
We made pasta today as a team

Saw some magic tricks. Silas showed us one where “Jesus” showed up on his arm when he wiped ash on it. I think it’s so interesting how they all have different ways of showing and presenting their life stories. Silas uses magic to teach Christian ideals, but there is also that sense of humility and vulnerability that shines through during his tricks. He’s not scared to be himself and show people the real him. I think that this is something I really appreciate about religion; it takes the sense of self doubt and lack of self love, and placated that towards their understanding that there is someone who loves every fibre of their being; loving all their virtues, as well as their vices.
After all the tricks were said and done, most of the team went to bed, while some of us played cards for a while with the team. It was tons of fun! The funniest two moments from the game were when: Deanna played a blue 5 on a yellow 1 in uno; I played my last blue card on a yellow, and mike thought I was making fun of Deanna.
After the game, Mike and I played peek a boo for a little bit in the kitchenette; I almost died choking on water from laughter.


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