Day 5 may 6

Woke up and went to the market with Chris. We went to go get breakfast.
The night before, I slept very poorly. We were sitting and reading until 1:30, then when I came back from the washroom, and sat on my bed, the air mattresses starting leaking air. By the time I got the cap back on, I only had 1/3 of a mattress.
After breakfast we had worship time with the DTS teams from Argentina and from São Paulo. They sang “holy holy holy”; three different groups with three different languages. As someone who is spiritual, there was an overwhelming amount of energy and emotions in the room. I had goosebumps for most of the song.
The cook today say down with Kim to listen to her play guitar, and you could see how much she loved hearing Kim sing. As she was doing her workout on the patio, the cook gestured at me with a strumming motion, pointed at Kim and held her hands to her chest and swayed. I could tell that she loved hearing Kim sing and singing with her, as Kim and her were singing Jason Mraz together on the steps while I was massaging her back; I could feel her shoulders relax while she was singing.
After that, we hung out as a team, and did some cleaning. Kim and I got the schedule for the rest of the week, now we know what to tell our team what we are doing everyday when they ask!
After chores, the team was making signs to do a “free hug” type activity in the core of Francisco Morato. This is very similar to the Love Modesto thing that our contacts at YWAM Modesto was telling us about; Love Modesto is a day long celebration where Modesto citizens go and do good deeds to show love to the city and it’s people. Half the team is going to jiu jitsu, while the other half is doing the Love Francisco Morato activity. I decided to stay back during this activity to sleep for an hour since I’m not feeling well and have a cough/cold. I can’t wait to hear about what they did!
The team had a general consensus that they wished they wanted to do more inside Morato centre, but they all had a great deal of fun doing what they were doing. I am sad that I missed out, but I understand that it happens, and it reminded me of the difficulties I had in Modesto doing that kind of work.
I feel that I am more suited to doing behind the scenes work and more one-on-one work with others.
The night ended off with Leah telling us her life story.


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