Day 6 may 7

Woke up this morning not feeling any better. Probably due to dehydration. The weather here is beautiful, always around 20C, but the sun makes everything a great deal warmer.
After breakfast, I ended up going back to sleep for another hour hoping it would help.
After my nap, we went out to start out real workday. Since it is too hot after noon, we had to get in all the physical work done in the mornings. This morning we started shoveling down their driveway to make it more accessible. The team was happy that we could finally start to do work, and they understood why we couldn’t do much physical work during the day before; as it was already too late into the afternoon to start.
Mike had a lot of fun doing stuff, and helping out. Kristina was not feeling too well, so she ended up taking a break. It was also a great thing she did because a phone call came for her – her bag is arriving later tonight!
After lunch, I ended up napping a little bit longer, and was woken up to go with Mike, Henre, Chris and Gabriel to help Vasco at his store. Mike and I ended up having to help unload a shipment of pop into his store. It was a lot of work, but it was fun to spend some time in the city with mike. We had tons and tons of laughs while we were moving.
One part of the thing that made me uncomfortable was when the Brazilians started making jokes about “fruitas mens”, which meant “gay” – similar to how we call gay men fruity. They were making some jokes, and Vasco saw that it was making me uncomfortable so he told them to stop. During this time, I played ignorant, pretending that I had no idea what they were trying to say.
I want to ask them if it is okay to be gay in brazil. Chris brought up that the gay pride parade in São Paulo happened 2 days ago and that he wanted to go. I am sad that we couldn’t go, it was something that I had brought up with the team earlier. I am anxious to find a way to bring up how they feel about gays.
Gabriel and Henre are the correspondent leaders from the DTS São Paulo team, while Ally and Silas are the correspondents for DTS Argentina.
After dinner, the team and I all split off as it was free time. I played skip-bo with the team for a little bit before church service started. During church service, Leah and I decided to just sit and play by ourselves. It was nice to just relax and chill with her, I taught her how to play spit, and it was fun watching her get frustrated. It was funnier watching her get stressed out from having consistently bad skip-bo cards.
Really funny when we saw a spider during highs and lows. Deanna’s terrified of them, so it was funny seeing her run away when I chased her. After all of that, I needed to shower to see how bad my sunburn was. It turned out it wasn’t as bad as I thought, hopefully it turns into a tan within the next 2-3 days. I’m still coughing and stuffy, so hopefully I’m better too.
So it turns out that Nissan released special edition cup noodle cups…. Not going to lie…. I want to collect them all. They are World Cup cups! Currently I have Uruguay, Argentina and Brazil!


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