Day 7 may 8

Woke up feeling a lot better. My sunburn was pretty much not that bad. Hopefully I don’t peel!
I took a nap, got a solid hour in, so my sniffles aren’t as bad.
I’m so excited Marcelo and Vera said that our team could spray paint a mural onto the wall beside pride rock. I can’t wait to see what he paints! I know he was really excited to be able to spray something down here, so I’m glad we found a way for him to be able to do that.
We went to jiu-jitsu; Kim, Sydney, Kristina, thiago and Gabriel did that; Leah, Deanna and I went to watch the kids practice flag waving and music. When we went back to the ju jitsu dojo, I got drafted with younger Gabriel. When I tried it…. Basically looked like sex. I think it’s one of those things that I’m just not cut out for.
Kristina also fought with him, she was amazing! I’m pretty sure he was going full strength on her.
After we got back it was lunchtime. Alcione made delicious rice pudding. Alcione cares so much about all of us. When she saw that Sydney could not have any of the meat sauce, she offered to make Sydney an egg. Alcione also came down from the kitchen to get me when lunch started because she did not want me to miss out. I really wish I could understand/speak Portuguese, that way I could communicate with her better. This always happens to me, even last year, there were a lot of times where I really wanted to talk to some of the people, but because of the language barrier, I could not.
After lunch, it was time to teach English. It’s really cool for the team because we are learning Portuguese while they are learning English. Not going to lie, I’m having a really tough time learning a new language, but understanding is definitely still a great deal easier. During the English lesson, we are playing a game on describing people based on their appearance.
After that, we went to do a house visit to do a private church service. There were tons of ducklings and chicks, Sydney and Leah got to hold them, it was really cute.
After dinner, we played games, the DTS Argentina team made games for us to play. It was tons of fun! We played charades, a knot tying game, and a trust excercise game.
After all of that, before bed, Kim and I hung out with Henri in the patio section of the base. We just chatted and joked around, but it is always nice to hear that there are people out there who only want to do good.
I asked Henri about how Brazilians felt about gays, and he told Kim and I that there are very mixed opinions because most of the population is Christian and Catholic. I feel that this could be a good and bad thing; being gay is okay in Brazil for the most part, but something that is done in the private aspect of someone’s life.
Henri clearly knew I was gay, so I feel that the other members of the Jocum Sampa base know too, but no one has ever tried to make me feel uncomfortable. I really respect them for that because maybe me being gay does really go against everything they believe in.
I feel bad that I haven’t taken many photos lately, or at all. I find it very difficult to find opportunities that I want to take my camera out, but I definitely do want to try to take more.


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