Day 9 may 10

So today, I had to wake up to leave for 8am. Chris, Henri, Gabriel and I had to head into the city to exchange money.
We spent the whole train/subway ride talking about old TV shows and they taught me a lot of portuguese.
When we got into the city, we kind of got lost, the money exchange place was not open again (surprise surprise), so we had to try an find another place to exchange money. We ended up going to a mall to exchange money. The lady exchanging my money was very confused as to why I wanted two receipts, but she understood after.
After we exchanged money, we went to go grab lunch, they wanted to eat Burger King, so I paid for their meal.
After we finished lunch, we got a text saying we were to meet Jackson at Luz station, but he decided that he did not want to go to the church.
When I finally ended back at the base it was 3ish, I thought I would be back around 1:30. When I got back, I was thoroughly annoyed with the DTS Argentina team; the first question they asked me was “where’s the (friendship bracelet) string?”, when I did not have any idea where my team was yet.
We had a team meeting with thiago and Marcelo to discuss whether out team wanted to go see a soccer game or not; our team decided not to go because mike and I were not feeling up to it – I was exhausted from commuting and walking all day, mike had the shits again (should’ve taken dukarol…).
It was nice that our team did not need to put it to a vote; the team cares about each other and spending time together was more important to going to a soccer game. We ended up watching mike spray paint for 2 hours, he’s so great at what he does. It’s cool getting to see someone spray painting from beginning to end, he got a good amount done today.
During dinner, I realized how much portuguese I had actually learned; I was able to talk to Alcione. I talked to Alcione about how much our team loved her; I told her that we think of her as our team’s Brazilian mother, and she said that she was happy to be our mom. Kim and I tried to tag team to wish her a happy early Mother’s Day (… Yeah, didn’t work out too well…she had no idea what we were trying to say….); when she finally understood, she gave us the biggest smile. I’m going to be really sad when I have to say goodbye to her, I know I’ve talked about her a great deal in my journal, but I really wish you could have the opportunity to meet her and understand why I love her so much. She told me that she gets paid R$50 a day, and it includes all her meals,”; when I tried to ask her if that was a good amount, she did not really give me a clear answer. I really wish there was something more we could do for her other than just cook her dinner.
The funniest part of dinner was when she made an omelette, put it beside me and walked away; I had no idea if she put it there for herself, or if it was for me. I sat there awkwardly eating my meal and trying to figure out if the egg was for me or not. I had to call Leah, Sydney and Kim over to keep me company while we were figuring it out, so I finally asked her, and she said it was for me and we all started dying of laughter.
After dinner, our team spent more time together, we played Uno for 2 hours, basically playing Uno infinity. It was honestly the best night ever; people were snorting, drooling, laughing, yelling and just so wacky and fun. I really like that our team could spend so much time together without wanting to go to bed or need alone time from one another. Deanna drooled on Sydney’s lap; Kristina forced a half a cookie into Leah’s mouth; Mike was so exhausted; Kim was having the biggest sugar rush; it was tons of fun.


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