Month: April 2015

Handing Down Delicious Traditions

If you’re an intense foodie like me, you should follow my friend’s blog – palatesjourney!
I cannot wait to see all of the amazing recipes!


As I previously mentioned, I was born into a family of bad cooks.  My mother’s signature dish was ham casserole:  ground ham topped with mashed potatoes from a box (do they still make these?) topped with a can of Hunt’s tomato sauce.  My maternal grandmother (Grandma Alice) had a rather horrible way of making spaghetti and meatballs:  A jar of purchased tomato sauce with cut up hotdogs to make it meat sauce.  I will give them both credit for one signature really good dish.  My mother makes the best macaroni and cheese and Grandma Alice made a wonderful apple pie complete with a homemade crust!  We will talk about those another time.

I was lucky to marry into a family with a grandma (Grandma Celia) who was a really amazing old-fashioned Italian cook with lots of amazing traditional Neopolitan dishes in her repertoire.  Like most of her peers, Grandma Celia…

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