Handing Down Delicious Traditions

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As I previously mentioned, I was born into a family of bad cooks.  My mother’s signature dish was ham casserole:  ground ham topped with mashed potatoes from a box (do they still make these?) topped with a can of Hunt’s tomato sauce.  My maternal grandmother (Grandma Alice) had a rather horrible way of making spaghetti and meatballs:  A jar of purchased tomato sauce with cut up hotdogs to make it meat sauce.  I will give them both credit for one signature really good dish.  My mother makes the best macaroni and cheese and Grandma Alice made a wonderful apple pie complete with a homemade crust!  We will talk about those another time.

I was lucky to marry into a family with a grandma (Grandma Celia) who was a really amazing old-fashioned Italian cook with lots of amazing traditional Neopolitan dishes in her repertoire.  Like most of her peers, Grandma Celia…

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Day 16 may 17

Leo’s mom invited us over for donuts in the morning, it was tons of fun getting to hang out with his family. Their family is so welcoming and warm; his mom wanted to show us their chicken farm, there were so many baby chicks!
After eating donuts, I ended up sleeping most of the afternoon and did not really do much – I ate way too many donuts.
We went to the veridha cultural, it was nothing like Nuit Blanche from what I saw. I did not end up seeing much as Deanna was not feeling well the entire way there, and while we were there. The team told us that they did not really do much after we left.
I went back early with Deanna and Christiano. Deanna threw up outside of a moving train in a foreign country. Bucket list crossed off. Christiano was surprised when he found out that not everyone was going back, he told me that after 1am, the general population of São Paulo changes drastically – more drunks and thugs are out during this time.
I had thought that Deanna and I would have been safe to take the train and bus back by ourselves. Turns out I was very, very wrong. If it was not for Christiano, I really do not think that we would have made it back to base in one piece – if at all. The train ride back to Francisco Morato, there were 4 fights on the platforms. When we got back to Francisco Morato, the buses were not running – we had to take a taxi, I had no idea where the taxi stop was. So thank goodness we had Christiano.

Day 15 may 16

Played with Michael all morning. Alcione found out today that we wouldn’t be coming back to Francisco Morato after we go to São Paulo. It was so difficult to see her break down. Our whole team assembled in the kitchen to hug her and love her. She knows we loved her and really appreciated everything she did for us the past days and all the things she’ll do for us in the next couple of days.
After lunch, we tried to book one of the places we wanted for debrief, but they only rented to families. We’re going to try and get another home to rent out.
Mike and I decided to have a boys day today, we went into the city centre; the girls went to see the lone tree.
We got into the city; I bought a long sleeve shirt finally. It’s freaking cold here. We then went to the tobacco store – to get incense sticks for our room. We then roamed around the town looking for a flower store and postcards. Mike ended up getting chocolates from the chocolate store – he got a present for Deanna and a present for Bianca. After that we started roaming around looking for a flower store. We got so lost – I had to go to Pasteleria Hong Kong (the only place I knew I could find someone to ask). It was good, they told us to go straight and turn left down a street – we turned down the wrong street. We ended up finding a girl dressed like Minnie Mouse, who was talking to random girls – one had a baby; think teen mom. They walked us to a floriculture – they sold fake flowers. We were so confused, not speaking portuguese kind of works for us; they didn’t know what we were saying when we were talking. Turns out they had real roses too! Mike ended up buying two white roses – one for Bianca and one for the mom who walked us to the flower store.
It was so much fun getting lost with mike today, we got on the bus, it was super busy. On the bus, one guy asked us if we were from the US – we said Canada. The guy then asked us if we wanted to buy weed off him, and I had to lie and say we were Christians; Christians in Brazil do not do drugs. It was awful that we had to lie, but it was so awkward on the bus.