Month: January 2012

Your Argument is INVALID

Reasons why homosexual marriages are NOT okay:

and what those reasons actually mean.

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SOPA – What sites are blacked out?


and now that Wikipedia’s back up: here’s a list with more known companies

List of all the sites blacked out in protest:

I think that’s it’s safe to say, with the long list, they SHOULD rethink SOPA and PIPA, as this does not just affect illegal torrenting, but also how the internet will function in the future (as most major online services are owned and operated by American Companies)

Waited 40 years…

And couldn’t get married

In March 2011, Derence Kernek and Ed Watson recorded a video
requesting that California’s 9th Circuit Court allow Judge Vaughn Walker’s decision to overturn Prop 8 to stand. This request was due to Watson having recently been diagnosed with a rapid-onset Alzheimer’s. The couple wanted to be married while Watson still had memories of their 40 years together.

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Straight Men Kissing Other Men

Same Sex Kissing does not Threaten Heterosexuality

Straight male students are more comfortable kissing their friends than ever before, researchers say.

Researchers at the University of Bath found that 89 per cent of white undergraduate men at two UK universities and one sixth form college said they were happy to kiss another man on the lips through friendship.

Daniel Eagles, an undergraduate at University of Bath, said he did not have a problem with kissing his male friends.

He said: “I am comfortable to kiss my friends in situations such as their birthday or when someone scored a goal or just if we are having a laugh.